Hurricane Shutters Vs Impact Windows

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October 2016

Hurricane Shutters Vs Impact Windows

People who live in areas that are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions (particularly like hurricanes) look for sturdy and long lasting window options. These people are left with options like hurricane shutters and impact windows to select. This article emphasizes the characteristics of both options and be of assist when selecting the right type.

Characteristics of Hurricane shutters

Hurricane Shutters

One of the major reasons for people to go for hurricane windows is their affordability (at the initial stage). In general, hurricane shutters are relatively affordable than the impact windows. However, their lifespan is significantly lower than the impact windows and on long term basis; you will have to spend more money on hurricane shutters. Moreover, hurricane shutters are capable of offering a certain amount of protection from causes such as winds, UV rays and other wind-borne objects.

Types of shutter are: accordion shutters, awning shutters, Bahamas Shutters, roll-down etc. Also if necessary, home owners can go for an option like PVC or metal materials accordingly.

Hurricane shutters, however, don't allow any light to come through when they are closed and this is a huge disadvantage Apart from that, these shutters are vulnerable to damage. Under certain circumstances, hurricane shutters tend to break during extreme weather conditions which are common in an area like Miami.

When it comes to the installation, hurricane shutters are pretty challenging. Generally, these shutters need to be fixed with elements like different types of bolts which demands significant amount of time. Installation will be even difficult when it comes to heavier shutters as they require special proceedings.

Why impact windows are the best solution?

Impact Windows

Despite the relatively high installation cost, impact windows are proven to be the best option in terms of protecting a house from extreme conditions such as hurricanes which are common in areas like Miami. Here are some of the proven facts about impact windows.

  • One-time installation
    Once installed, you don't have to worry about putting up any type of protection. This is a great relief for those who live in areas like Miami; you don't need rush to install shutters every time there is a weather alert (which are common).

  • Energy
    During summer utility bills tend to rise significantly. Specially in areas such as miami. However, impact windows insulate your house to gain less heat during the summer and help retain it during cold evenings in winters. It is a highly effective approach to cut down electricity bills.

  • UV Protection
    Impact windows are made to cut down UV rays by significant margins. Eventually, your interior, fabrics, paintings etc. will be protected from powerful UV rays upon installation of impact windows.

  • Noise Reduction
    Impact windows also promote noise reduction remarkably, allowing a peaceful indoor environment.

  • Better Appearance
    Impact windows look much better than hurricane shutters, In today's market a wide variety of options are available for modern contemporaty or traditional looks.


Although the initial installation cost is relatively higher, installation of impact windows is the best decision for a homeowner in the miami area. On long terms basis,impact windows will help you. save money on electricity bills, discounted insurance premiums etc. while adding better overall protection and looks.