Impact Glass Door

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Feb 2017

Selecting an Impact Glass Door is very important. You do not need to sacrifice design for security because you can select from different options design to the best fit your home style.

Two of the most common Impact Glass Doors styles are:

After selecting the Design, you also need to consider:

  1. Select a finish: Impact Doors come with a host of standard and custom finishes. Some of the finishes are Bronze, White, Clear Anodized, Hazelnut Brown, Mahogany Red, Walnut Brown.
  2. Selected hardware: You can choose from a variety of hardware the style and color that better fits your home design.
  3. Pick a glass tint: You can select the glass tint colors such as Clear, Gray, Dark Gray, Bronze among others.

Selecting Impact Glass Doors for your home is easier than you think. You can renovate your house look selecting the style and color that better fits your home design and also getting protection from hurricanes and vandalism.

Give us a call, and we will assist you in the selection of your Impact Glass Doors.