Our experienced team paint with Electrostatic Paint one of the Lobby doors of Icon Miami Beach with excellent final results. The process starts with the preparation of the space in which the paint is going to be applied, we carefully covered all the surrounds of the door to protect the hardware, the walls and floor from the paint. After having everything well cover we clean and prepared the door to remove old paint, this process is very important because the metal must be prepared and clean for the electrostatic paint application. After having everything ready our team prepare the paint according to our client requirements and prepare the equipment for the application, once we have everything ready we start painting, its very important to take the time necessary to guarantee the completely cover of the door and get an uniform paint, we are very careful with this part of the process because we want to guarantee our clients satisfaction. After we finished with the painting process we remove all the paper that we use to cover the surrounds and hardware. Even the dry process doesn't take too much time, its important to not use the door for a minimum of one day to prevent damages in the paint.

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