Detecting and repairing water leaks is an integral part of our services. By performing recognized and approved water infiltration test procedures, we are able to determine whether a product, component or system is functioning properly. Because it reproduces the environmental effects materials often experience in service, our test procedures allow for proper observation and evaluation of performance.

In Impact Glass Services LLC, we perform field water infiltration tests that simulate the effects of a wind driven rain storm via the field version of the laboratory test used to certify products. ASTM Test Method E 1105- the standard test method for field determination of water penetration of installed exterior windows skylights, doors and curtain wall.


  • Accurate Results: Our systematic approach and proven ASTM testing protocols will ensure exact results, thus ensuring proper identification of building failures and adequate recommendations for repair procedures.
  • Quality Assurance: Field-testing for water penetration will ascertain the quality of work of your subcontractors, therefore ensuring that they followed the proper specifications during the construction process.
  • No Delays: Our expert staff is ready to guide you through your next project to meet your testing needs on schedule. No more delays because of failed inspections!
  • Your Bottom-Line: You will no longer have to worry about unnecessary delays caused by failures during quality assurance. We perform accurate professional testing, provide concise reports, and help you through the entire process! Don’t wait to contact us today!



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