Corrosion is the natural process of metal deterioration when it reacts with its environment, especially when in contact with oxygen and salt. The result is the production of white spots and crystallized elements on the aluminum surfaces. In a humid climate and especially in the coastal areas where moisture contains high levels of salt, corrosion can occur very fast.

Impact Glass Services in Miami offers a professional maintenance program to help prevent the early deterioration of your doors and windows. The program includes a thorough cleaning of your products, replace damaged vinyl, gaskets and weathering materials and lubricate operable components (tracks, rollers, locks, etc.). The lubrication will help prevent premature corrosion and deterioration of your doors and windows as long as the program is kept current. We recommend that the doors and windows be maintained every six (6) months.

Preventive Maintenance Plan

Prevent your sliding glass door from damaging
Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your sliding glass door working properly. It is also important to keep the doors and tracks clean from dust, dirt, and hair. Regular lubrication of the door lock and track helps as well.

How often is maintenance needed?
Clean and lubricate the door’s track at least once a year. Use a wire brush and vacuum to clean the wheels. Vacuum the track and lubricate the track and wheels. It's very important to give your sliding glass doors maintenance minimum twice a year to guarantee a smooth operation.

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